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This guide includes documentation for the latest update release. For more information about which features are available in each update, refer to the HxGN SDx Release Bulletin.

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How do I find out which version of software I'm using?

  1. Click Settings .

  2. Click the Web Client name under About to display the software version on the About page.

Extensibility has been introduced by Hexagon to help improve scalability and reduce software customizations. The following document provides information about using Extensibility so customers can extend and grow their server system.

The Extensibility mechanism is compatible with SDx server and HxGN SDx Web Client, and Smart Cloud Server.

The examples shown can be modified for use with HxGN SDx or Smart Cloud. Some settings and objects are shared by the applications to reduce the administration overhead. Some configuration by Smart Cloud Support Team is also needed to get Extensibility to work in the Cloud.

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Update 61
Published Monday, January 22, 2024 at 10:30 AM