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The easiest place to check for an error is to view the details found in the Console log in the browser. The browser Console can be accessed by pressing the F12 key or by navigating to the Developer tools option in the specific browser menu.

Ensure there are no filters applied to the Console log so that all the logs can be viewed. You must review each entry in the log when fault diagnosing and pay particular attention to any displayed errors.

  • For Console errors relating to Document referrer, you must ensure that both sites are using HTTPS. The parent application must have the response header Referrer-Policy set to a minimum value of no-referrer-when-downgrade.

  • For Console errors relating to Whitelist, you must ensure that the correct parent domain has been added to the Whitelist setting in the web.config file of the application server used by the Web Client.

  • For Console errors relating to location errors, you must ensure that the browser allows pop ups.