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HxGN SDx Deployed in Smart Cloud Overview

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SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

The following administrative tasks described in Administration and Configuration of HxGN SDx must be carried out by the Smart Cloud Team when using SDx deployed in Smart Cloud.

  • Creating and administering hosts

  • Creating and administering vaults

  • Adding new stamps and symbols

  • Adding new custom fonts

  • Configuring Full Text Retrieval (FTR)

  • Defining MIME types

  • Localizing the Web Client

  • Adding SDx connectors

  • Any other task requiring access to SDx Server Manager or to the application server.

If you have any specific requirements in these areas, you should discuss them with the Smart Cloud Team. For information on how to contact the Smart Cloud Team, see Contact the Smart Cloud Support Team.

The following administrative tasks should be carried out using the Smart Cloud Portal instead of in SDx:

  • Creating users. For information, see Onboarding a User in the Intergraph Smart Cloud Help.

    • After a user has been created in the Smart Cloud Portal, all additional user access and restrictions need to be configured in SDx as described in Configure user access.

    • Any users created using the Web Client will not have the required credentials to log in to the system.

    • If you want to enable single sign-on (SSO) for your users, please see Setting up SSO in the Intergraph Smart Cloud Help.