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HxGN SDx Deployed in Smart Cloud Overview

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We are working to make business administration, data capture configuration, and data validation configuration available through the Web Client. However, until all these features are available in the Web Client, the Desktop Client is required to access some features. The Desktop Client application is accessed by launching SDx in the Smart Cloud Portal. For more information on the Smart Cloud Portal (including the prerequisites), see Intergraph Smart® Cloud Help.

All SDx administrative tasks, whether carried out in the Web Client or the Desktop Client, are described in Administration and Configuration of HxGN SDx. The tasks that differ, or are unavailable, for administrators using the Cloud are given in Differences for SDx administrators using SDx deployed in Smart Cloud.

  • In a Smart Cloud deployment, you access project shares using the Scratchpad application in the Smart Cloud Portal. Adding a file to a project share can be done using Import & Export or Large File Transfer in the Smart Cloud Portal.

  • Some configuration changes need an application pool recycle or IIS Reset before they take effect. You can request an application pool recycle for a specific site (or IIS Reset for all sites on the application server) at a specified time.

  • The Smart Cloud Team will complete any tasks that require SDx Server Manager. If you have any specific requirements, you should discuss them with the Smart Cloud Team.

  • For information on how to contact the Smart Cloud Team, see Contact the Smart Cloud Support Team.