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HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech Installation and Configuration

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HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech
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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version
  1. Go to the installation folder, and double-click setup.

    At this point, the installation process checks whether the required software and services are installed. If not, a warning is displayed, and you must install the missing software or services to continue.

  2. In the Welcome window, click Start Setup.

  3. In the Details and Features window, enter your Serial Number, User Name, and Company.

  4. In the Select Features To Install section, select the components you want to install:

    You can clear the check boxes for any software that you do not want to install. However, if this software installation is a modification to a previous installation, do not clear any selected check boxes unless you want those components to be uninstalled.

    • HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech - Installs all the HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech server and client components.

    • Install Path - Enter the path on the local computer where the software is to be installed.

    • Serial Number - Enter the required serial number.

    • SDx Components – Select this option to install the HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech client and server components for SDx on the local server.

      You must ensure that HxGN SDx is installed on the local server, before installing the components.

      To install only server or client components, you can expand the SDx Components option to display Optional Features such as SDx Connector Client, and SDx Connector Server. From which you can select the required component to be installed.

  5. Click Next.

  6. In the License Agreement window, from the Country or Region list, select your country or region.

  7. Carefully read the licensing agreement. When you are finished, select I agree to the license agreement and conditions, and click Next.

  8. Click Finish when the installation is complete.