Information prerequisites for synchronization of a Tag to an Aspen Equipment - HxGN SDx - v11 - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon

HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech Installation and Configuration

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HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech
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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

Information prerequisites from AspenTech to HxGN SDx for synchronization

  • Destination details: Upload URL, username, and password for authentication.

  • HEIRNAME value for Aspen_TagTransform XSLT file.

Information prerequisites from HxGN SDx to AspenTech for a successful response

  • List of SDx Classifications that are required to map with AspenTech ITEMTYPE values.

  • Token URL and parameters.

  • Feedback URL (https://<ServerName>/<SiteName>/api/v2/SDA/AspenEquipmentFeedback).

  • Delete feedback URL (https://<ServerName>/<SiteName>/api/v2/SDA/DeleteAspenEquipmentFeedback).

  • List of required AspenTech attributes used for synchronization from HxGN SDx to AspenTech for an Adhoc report.