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HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech Installation and Configuration

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HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech
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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

You can use the HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech with HxGN SDx Update 32 and later.

In the Operations, real time and historical system, whenever tags are created, updated, or deleted in SDx, the SDx Connector for AspenTech synchronization mechanism creates, updates, or deletes the corresponding Assets in the AspenTech Manufacturing Master Data Manager (mMDM) system.

The connector feeds the mMDM system the engineering design information, which can be then used for comparison and analysis against operational data, for inspection activities, incident investigations, and so on. Using the jump interface, an AspenTech a1PE user gets access to the Tag-related documentation. As a response, AspenTech provides an SDx user with access to real time and historical information that comes from a variety of sensors in the IP21 system. Real time and historical trends, along with other plant information, can be presented in the SDx InsightView in a single page.

For information on how to integrate the AspenTech data with HxGN SDx, see chapter 9 of the Aspen Manufacturing Master Data Manager Implementation Guide available at AspenTech eSupport. Contact the product center for the user credentials.

  • You must be a user with an SDxConnectors Administrator role to configure the HxGN SDx Connector for AspenTech.

  • If you are using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), you must have the SDxConnectors Administrator and SDxConnectors Viewer roles.