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HxGN EAM Transit OIDC Configuration

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A QR code is needed to enter the OIDC configuration information for the HxGN EAM Mobile App. Before the HxGN EAM Server can generate the QR code, it must be manually created by filling in a JSON string and generating the QR code from a QR code web site.

JSON String format as following:

"tenant":"Replace with Tenant ID",
"org":"Replace with Login Org",
"url":"Replace with web service URL",
"OIDCClientID":"Replace OIDC Client ID",
"OIDCAuthorizeEndpoint":"Replace with OIDC Authorize Endpoint, usually ends with /Authorize",
"OIDCTokenEndpoint":"Replace with OIDC Token Endpoint, usually ends with /token",
"OIDCEndSessionEndpoint":"Replace with OIDC Logout Endpoint, usually ends with /logout"

OIDC related values can be found on the specific Authentication server where OIDC is setup.

For the JSON string, create a QR code using any online QR code generator. For example, https://goqr.me/