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HxGN EAM Transit OIDC Configuration

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This brief provides configuration information for HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit app. The HxGN EAM Transit app is developed for the Transit industry with a need for access to various HxGN EAM functionality on a mobile device. The app is developed on iOS™ platform and designed for the iPad®, iPhone®, and Android® form factors.

This brief is intended to supplement the documentation of this feature and it applies to the following applications:

  • EAM Transit (iOS and Android)

  • EAM Fleet, EAM Manufacture, EAM Transit ABM, EAM Transit ABMMTA (iOS ONLY)

  • EAM Fleet Hertz (iOS and Android)

The OIDC Client configuration and EAM server configuration is not covered. See the HxGN EAM™ Open ID Connect Guide brief for details on how to configure OIDC with the EAM server.

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Published Friday, October 14, 2022 at 2:18 AM