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WSAuthenticator uses web services to connect to the SSO Server. It is not necessary for handlers to connect to the SSO server via web services—WSAuthenticator simply illustrates one way the conversation between handler and server can be managed.

These are some of the highlights of the Web Service implementation in WSAuthenticator:

  • The current version of HxGN EAM uses Apache Axis version If Axis is used to generate web service artifacts, it is recommended that this version be used.

  • The Axis Java2WSDL utility was used to generate a wsdl based on the Java class that represents the interface to the SSO server.

  • The Axis wsdlgen utility was used to generate Java client classes from the wsdl. These classes are in the package com.infor.sso.surrogate.

  • WSAuthenticator communicates with the SSO server by means of these generated classes.