String authenticate (String ticket, Map properties, String tenantID, String productID) - HxGN EAM - 12.1.1 - Feature Briefs - Hexagon

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The string authenticate is called to validate the logon attempt after HxGN EAM receives a redirect from an SSO server.

  • Ticket parameter:

    • The SSO server may optionally pass a parameter on the query string called ‘ticket’. The ticket contains a token that the authentication handler can pass back to the SSO server to verify the validity of the logon request.

    • If the SSO server does not pass a ticket parameter, ticket will be set to ‘INVALIDTICKET’. The logon may nevertheless be successful: the authentication handler may choose to ignore the ticket parameter and validate the logon request based on some other value in the query string.

  • Properties parameter: a map containing all the query string parameters passed from the SSO server to HxGN EAM. The map may contain additional values supplied by HxGN EAM.

  • UserID parameter: the HxGN EAM user ID

  • Password parameter: the password to be used for authentication

  • tenantID parameter: the current tenant

  • productID parameter: one of the following:

    • connector

    • databridge

    • mobile

    • eam

  • Return value

    • If the logon attempt is accepted, return the HxGN EAM userID

    • If the logon attempt is rejected, throw one of the checked exceptions