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The following section only describes those properties which are specific to Infor's STS. The initial setup must be done as it is described in the SSOLogonDef section section mentioned earlier in this document and the specific settings mentioned below must be reconfigured specifically for Infor's STS. These properties may be configured using the SSO Configuration screen rather than in the yaml. configuration files. Configuration via this screen is needed primarily in the SaaS environment. When the screen is used, some values (SAML claim names, EAM entity ID) are still read from the configuration files.

  • STSEndpoint

    • Use a browser to access the STS mex address endpoint (see ‘STSMexAddress’ below)

    • In the resulting xml document search for an address ending in "idp/usernamemixed"

    • Use the entire URL for the STSEndpoint

  • STSMexAddress

  • To find the Message Exchange Address using the STS Admin UI:

    • Navigate to Settings Menu > Download Federated Metadata.

    • Locate the Download SAML/WS-Fed IdP Metadata XML link.

    • The Metadata section under the SecurityTokenServiceEndpoint section should contain an Address entry.

    • Copy the URL Path for this entry.

    • The complete mex address is a URL using this path. The mex address will look something like https://<sts-server>:<port>/inforsts/rest/metadata/00000000000000000000000000000000/idp/wstrust.

  • STSPolicyID

    Should be left blank when connecting to STS.

  • identityProviderType

    Defaults to ADFS. This setting should be left unchanged when connecting to STS.