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Feature Briefs
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  1. Set the entityID to a valid value.

    • The requirements for a valid entityid for a service provider are the following:

      • The entityID must be unique across all service providers and identity providers; and

      • The entityID must be in the form of a URL.

    • These are the suggested entity IDs:

      • Production SP: https://<server>:<port>/sso/fedletapplication/prod

      • Test SP: https://<server>:<port>/sso/fedletapplication/test

  2. Add the meta alias to the AssertionConsumerService Location

    • A metaalias is a unique identifier for an SP; it is used internally by the SP client packages.

    • Find the Location attribute for the AssertionConsumerService

    • Append this string: "/metaAlias<the actual metaalias>"

    • For example, if the metaalias is ‘/prod’, the modified location would be "…sso/fedletapplication/metaAlias/prod"

    • Note that the term metaAlias must be entered exactly, including case.