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Typically, EAM is configured to use one IDP and one SP. In this case, the configuration files in <ssoclienthome> do not need to be edited manually - the deployment scripts modify these files based on the settings in sso configuration file.

In general, creating multiple IDPs or SPs involves the following changes:

  • For each additional IDP, create two new files called idp-<identifier>.xml and idp-<identifier>-extended.xml.

  • For each additional SP, create two new files called sp-<identifier>.xml and sp-<identifier>-extended.xml.

    • The identifier may be any desired value; it must be unique across all IDPs and SPs.

  • The entityID for each IDP or SP must be added to fedlet.cot

    • The sun-fm-trusted-providers key must contain a comma-separated list of the entity IDs for all SPs and IDPs.