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The tenant section specifies the logon definition(s) used by a particular tenant. A tenant section may be added for each tenant that uses external logons for one or more products.

The default tenant entry:

  • A default tenant section may be added with the name set to "__default__".

  • This entry is used when no tenant entry is provided for a tenant who uses external logons.

  • If all tenants use the same logon definition it is not necessary to add entries for specific tenants

  • Entries for individual tenants are only necessary if those tenants use different logon definitions.

Tenant name: The name must match exactly, including case, the tenant name in ewsconfig.xml.

Product section:

  • A tenant section will contain one or more product elements

  • The product id must be one of these:

    • eam

    • connector

    • databridge

    • mobile

      • The product’s logondef must match exactly the name of either an ssoLogonDef or a customLogonDef element.

      • The ‘eam’ product serves as the default. If all products for a given tenant use the same logon definition, then only the ‘eam’ product should be specified.

  • eamEntityID - A unique identifier for the Service Provider (e.g. EAM).

    • This value must be a valid URL. Any unique URL will suffice.

    • A reasonable choice is the AssertionConsumerService location in the sp.xml file.

  • metaalias - The metaAlias of the Service Provider used by this tenant.

    • The value should be copied from the metaAlias attribute in the appropriate sp*-extended.xml file.

    • Note that the metaAlias always includes a leading "/".