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Create a yaml file for the sso configuration:

  • File location: depconfig/properties/external

  • File name: the file should be called ‘n_somestring.yml’, where:

    • n is a number from 1-9 which is unique in that directory

    • ‘somestring’ can be any descriptive string

    • The file must have a ‘.yml’ extension

  • Editing the file:

    • The file must be a plain text file.

    • The file should initially contain the entire ‘sso’ block from properties\internal\default.yml.

    • Please note that no files in the internal directory may be edited directly.

The file contains three main sections:

  • ssoLogonDef

  • customLogonDef

  • tenant

The sections must occur in the above order. At a minimum there must be one logon definition section (either ssoLogonDef or customLogonDef) and one tenant section.

Typically, this file will contain only one logon definition. If there is a need to connect to different external servers for different tenants and/or products, multiple logon definitions may be provided. The file may contain both ssoLogonDef and customLogonDef sections, and each section may be repeated as many times as is necessary.

Values in this file are case sensitive.