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Install parameters for logon configurations

The four logon strategies (standard, LDAP, external, and ROPC) are configured on a per-product basis. These are the install parameters for different product types:

  • LGNCON: web service logons

  • LGNDBR: Databridge logons

  • LGNMOB: Mobile logons

  • LGNCAL: Caller and portal logons

  • LGNEAM: Browser-based logons

Each install parameter can be set to any of the following possible values:

  • STD: standard logon

  • LDAP: LDAP logon

  • EXTERN: external logon server

  • ROPC: external logon server using the OpenID Connect Resource Owner Password Grant authentication flow. This option is not supported for LGEAM logons.

See the HxGN EAM Open ID Connect technical brief for configuring ROPC.