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The following example illustrates usage of the Tag Infomap feature and the integration of EAM and SDx.

On the EAM Positions screen (Equipment > Positions), notice the Tag Infomap button has been enabled. The record for position 1011-VES-301, a suction scrubber has been selected.


When the Tag Infomap button is clicked, the user is redirected to a new window with a session of SDx and focus is on the Tag Infomap for the suction scrubber 1011-VES-301.


The suction scrubber is displayed as the central node of the Tag Infomap surrounded by all the related objects including other Tags (Positions), Assets, Work Packages, Documents, System information, Facility classification details, and other relevant objects/entities. The user can click on any other node in the Tag Infomap; this will recenter the Tag Infomap on the selected node and display the objects related to that newly selected node.

In the below screenshot, the node System: Seal Gas Discharge was selected.


The System: Seal Gas Discharge is associated to Plant PDA-PO, it has 8 Change Requests, and 14 Tags.

Click on the Tags node to view a list of all the Tags associated to the System: Seal Gas Discharge.


Hover on the Tag 1011-PSV-0009 and then click on the Tag Infomap icon icon- to view its Tag Infomap.


Referring back to the list of Tags associated to System: Seal Gas Discharge, hover on the Tag 1011-PSV-0009 and then click the Show the Detail Form icon icon to view more detailed information about position 1011-VES-301.