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If the ROLESECU installation parameter has not been created or has been created but set as any value not equal to ON, the system continues to function as it did prior to release of this feature. When Role Security is not enabled, there is no change to previous system function with respect to the relationship between User ID, User Groups and Organizations, and the applied permissions, menu structure, and page layouts for any EAM user.

As documented in other HxGN EAM documentation prior to the release of Role Security functionality, it is important to note that when determining permissions for an EAM User record, the system draws these permissions from those configured by the User Group/Organization combination shown on the Organization tab of the User screen. Further, when determining the appearance of menu structure, the system draws these settings from the User Group that has been defined on the User record view. Additionally, page layout is taken from that configured using the Screen Designer for the User Group that has been specified in the User record view. Last, to determine which records to display in any list of values (LOV), the system considers the full list of Organizations to which the user is associated (through the Organization tab of the User Group screen).

System Administrators may observe that when the ROLESECU installation parameter is not set to ON, the Role field still exists within the system. This field is required, however, when Role Security is not enabled, the system assigns a default value ("*") to the Role field for all records. The Role field is also protected and cannot be edited when ROLESECU is not set to ON. While the field is present in the system in this scenario, given all records are set to "*" and protected; the Role field functions with more of a pass through behavior to settings configured upon the User record within the Organizations tab or through the assigned User Group. In effect, when ROLESECU is not set to ON the Role field is ignored.