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Role Security is an available feature in HxGN EAM beginning with HxGN EAM 11.6.1. Key to understanding the function of Role Security in HxGN EAM is recognizing that prior to the release of this feature; a User record could only be directly associated with a single User Group for each Organization to which the user belongs. Conceptually, it had only been possible for a one-to-one relationship to be created between an Organization and a User Group within a User record.

Previously, this model might have been diagrammed as follows:

It is also important to recognize the impact that Organization membership and User Group membership have had, and continue to have, upon tailoring user experience within an EAM system. Through configuration of Screen and Tab permissions (including WO Authorizations, Status Authorizations, etc.), modifications to Menu structure and changes to page layout(s) using the Screen Designer functionality; a system administrator has the ability to create a streamlined user experience. With these settings, it is possible that upon logging into the system, an EAM User may only see the menus and screens that are pertinent to their assigned duties, organized in a layout that is most appropriate for their specific needs. By reducing complexity within the user interface, we anticipate that EAM users may experience less confusion regarding the actions they can and cannot perform in the system; and may even achieve greater efficiency in workflow.