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SG-9094 CLONE - Reports - parameter value 8443 changed to 443


On-premise customer with EAM 12.0 Build 202305 has an issue with all reports printing from the report screen. When passing a parameter that contains 8443, system interprets 443.

SSL is enabled on report server with webserver https port 443 and gateway port 8443.

*Steps to reproduce (with all reports):*

1. Navigate to Print Work Order - Comprehensive report parameters screen

2. On Work Order field, type something like XXXX8443XXX

3. Click on Print Report or Print Preview

*Expected Result:*

The WO matching XXXX8443XXX is included in the report

*Actual Result:*

WO XXXX8443XXX not included in the report, instead WO XXXX443XXX is included