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SG-9104 Task Plans | Checklist | Translations - descriptions of checklist items cannot be translated if user is in different group than R5


Since the upgrade to 12.1, users belonging to a different group than R5, cannot create translations of checklist items. The Language field is greyed out and so the user cannot create translations.

*Steps To Reproduce*

  • Create a user group and add Task Plans screen to the menus

  • Add a user in that group and in Organizations tab use same user group

  • Connect with that user to EAM and open task plans screen

  • Create a active checklist record and open Checklists tab.

  • Create a checklist item and save.

  • use Actions menu to open Translations. Only translation in DEFLANG was created. Try to create a translation in a different language. This is not possible because the ‘Language’ field is greyed out.