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SG-8196 Position - GET POSITION COLLECTION PositionEquipment webservice is not generating User Defined Fields in JSON file


Customer is using swagger webservice to Get Position Collection for PositionEquipment webservice. The JSON file is generated without any user defined fields, showing only as "UserDefinedFields": null


#Go to URL HxGN EAM Webservices

#Click on Authorize button and enter the Username and Password for BasicAuth.

#Expand Get Position Collection and click on Try it Out, enter values in for Tenant = (see environment), Organization = *, KeepSession = TRUE, ClonedScreen = FLCAPW, CursorPosition = 0

#Click on Execute button and see the results in Responses.

*Actual Results:*

User Defined Fields in JSON file is not displaying

*Expected Results:*

User Defined Fields in JSON file should display