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SG-8197 REST API - BasicAuth header field authentication is case sensitive


When testing REST API using BasicAuth the Authorization header field is case sensitive and only authenticates the user if the word “Basic” on the string starts with a capital “B“, not following the specification of the BasicAuth authentication.

*Steps to reproduce:*

#on Postman, for example, configure a new API with one of the available ones from HxGN EAM Webservices

#on the Headers tab, add:

  • *tenant* key to set to the specific EAM tenant name

  • *organization* key set to one of the ones the user used to run the API has access to in EAM

  • *authorization* key set to a value like “_Basic xxx_” where xxx is the usercode:password of the EAM user encoded in Base64

#run the API and verify it returns the expected records

#now modify the *authorization* field value and set it to “_basic xxx_”

#run the API again

*Expected result*

Getting error "{{Unable to login user null}}“.

*Actual result*

Authentication should be successful.