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SG-9024 CLONE - Databridge - Unable to generate successful CONTRACTINVOICE outbound databridge events


After the upgrade to 12.1, databridge fails to generate CONTRACTINVOICE events. The error recorded on the Databridge Message Status screen is: “_distributeDocument error class com.dstm.databridge.g4.eammodel.process.ModelBuilderException: MPAdaptorException in InvoiceModelBuilder.buildModel - More details: FunctionBatchException from level one call. - More details: Databridge callLevelOneFunction - Main cause: Cannot find CustomerInvoiceContractItem record._“

*Steps to reproduce on restored data:*

#make sure install parameter @CONTINV is set to Y and the INFOR-IMS partner subscription for CONTRACTINVOICE and SyncInvoice is active

#go to Pré-facturation | Facturation Exploitation | Customer Invoices and select an existing record in status Unfinished, or create a new revision of an existing record

#update the record by changing the status from Unfinished to Approved. No errors detected.

#Go to the Admin | Databridge | Statut de Message Databridge

*Expected result:*

A CONTRACTINVOICE databridge event, followed by a SyncInvoice ION Delivery message, should be generated successfully

*Actual result:*

Only a CONTRACTINVOICE databridge event is generated, with a processing status of Failed, accompanied by the following error message: “[.. ] Main cause: Cannot find CustomerInvoiceContractItem record.“