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SG-8589 Customer Contracts | WO Criteria | Create Import Utility Template - Cannot import contract WO conditions due to wrong tags (xpaths)


The import utility template that can be created in work - contract management - customer contract | wo criteria, contains 2 wrongs tags.

Without the first modification, it will give the error: USERCONTRACTREVISION is a required field.

Without the second modification, another error is encountered.

1st modification:

  • Cell F3 contains


This has to be changed to :


(so one USERCONTRACTREVISION\ has to be deleted)

2nd modification:

  • Cell BA3 contains


This has to be changed to :


(so CLASSCODE\ has to be deleted)

*Actual results*

Cannot import wo criteria with help of iu template

*Expected results*

Should be possible to import

*Steps to reproduce*

1. Go to work - contract management - customer contract | wo criteria

2. Right click and click Create import utility template

3. Populate the template

4. Use Import Utility to load the file : error

5. Apply the changes above: the data will get loaded