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SG-8865 CLONE - Email Template - Push Notifications with HTML codes appear on mobile push notifications when HTML has been activated.


Screen capture has been attached, steps to reproduce are the following:

#Go to install parameters and set value ON for HTMLMAIL

#logout and log back on

#create an email template for anything, Part creation for example

#flag that email template for both email and push

#provide the necessary information (recipients, email subject and body)

#in the email body, put something in bold font and save the record.

#go to email notification setup and choose r5parts table.

#setup an event for insert, activate it and save it.

#make sure you have access to EAM transit and Digital Work on mobile with the environment you are using for this test.

#make sure that both mobile applications are authorized to raise notifications on the mobile device.

#go in the Parts screen in EAM desktop and create a new Part.

#go to the email viewer and make sure that an email event has been triggered.

#check the body of the email (see screenshot), you should see some HTML code in there.

#wait for the notifications to come to your mobile, you will see the PROBLEM, HTML code in the push notifications for both Transit and Digital Work (see screenshots).

*Expected behavior:*

See text formatted in the notifications as it was formatted in the template box.

*Current behavior:*

Formatted text in the email template appear with HTML tags in mobile notifications.