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Once the EAM Rapid Request app has been configured, it is ready to use.

  • When the user starts the app, they will be taken to the Home screen. From here, the user can choose to either report a new Case or display recent cases.

  • On the New Case screen, the user can enter a description of the issue as well as attach a picture and location information.

  • New records created in this way will show up on the Call Center screen inside the EAM application.

  • Latitude and Longitude will be captured for newly submitted cases and visible on the Call Center screen in EAM.

  • On the view recent cases entered, the system displays cases that were recently entered either via the app or via the Call Center, so long as the same contact information is attached.

  • From the Recent Cases screen the user can update the server information and their contact information.

Example Images of Report Case screen showing all fields: