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These steps are required to set up the EAM Rapid Request:

  1. Configuration for the Report Case screen is performed via the EAM Base application.

    1. Log in to EAM as the R5 user (the Rapid Request screen is only accessible for the R5 user) and access Screen Designer from any screen.

    2. Then, press Ctrl + F2 to enable the Jump to Screen pop-up.

      The Jump to Screen pop-up window opens only when the screen is not cached.

    3. Enter the screen name CSRAPD, and then click OK. This screen is used to configure the screen design of the Report Case screen.

  2. When launching the app for the first time, the Server Settings screen is displayed.

    1. Enter server information. For example, http://servername:port. Port is not needed if using a standard port.

    2. Nothing is needed after the port unless an extension is normally needed to access the EAM application. For example, http://servername:port/EAM117.

  3. After entering the server configuration information, the system will display the Home screen. From here, the user can choose to report a new case.

  4. The Home screen image can be modified by specifying a URL value for the Organization Option MOBASCAN.

  5. Specifying the value with a valid URL to an image will allow the app to show this image as the background image.

  6. The first time the user selects Report a New Case, they will be taken to the Contact Information screen. The user will enter their information and a unique ID will be created for them if one does not already exist. The system compares the entered information to existing contacts looking for a match with the same First Name, Last Name, Address1, and Email.