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The setup done on the Classes and the Structure tab screen affects the Notebook screen. This is a list/record view screen with four tabs: Emails, References, Comments, and Documents. The Emails tab is where the user can send emails about the note and the References tab is where other related notebook records can be referenced.

This Record View of the Notebook screen includes the following fields:

  • Private - This check box indicates that the record is private. This means that only the created user and all other users for whom the Allow Viewing Private Notebook check box is selected on the Users screen can view and edit the record. If the logged user is not the created user of the record, but has rights to view this record, then all fields will be protected on this screen except the History check box.

  • History - Selecting this check box will hide the record on the default dataspy. The user can always view records marked as history by modifying the dataspy.

    This is a free text field, which can be used to specify any details about this record.

  • Mobile Date/Time Created - This field will be populated if the record was created on the mobile device and synced to base EAM. For more details on how the notebook functionality works on the mobile device, see the Notebook (Mobile) brief.

Defect Details section

  • Defect - Selecting this check box will make the Equipment field required and will make the Nonconformity fields optional.

  • Nonconformity fields - Specifying the Nonconformity Type field will also populate the Nonconformity Severity and Nonconformity Class fields, if set up.

  • Equipment - The Equipment lookup has a close relation with the Level fields wherein, if the equipment hierarchy is setup properly as discussed above, specifying the equipment here, will populate one of more of the Level fields.

    The reverse is also possible, wherein, if one or more of the level fields are populated, this lookup will filter all equipment which are direct children of the lowest level selected.

    In this example, given the way, the hierarchy has been set up, selecting AST1 from the equipment lookup will populate all the level fields. (The Level fields are part of the equipment lookup as shown below)

  • Notebook Class - This lookup will show all classes for the MNBK entity

Physical Location section

As noted previously, the Level fields have a close relation with the Equipment field. These fields are optional and can be left empty if needed. Note that the Level 3A field is hidden by default and can be unhidden using screen designer.

The level field’s lookup will also show levels above it. For example, the Level 4 lookup will show other Level 1- Level 2- Level 3’s parents, if any.

Similarly, opening the Level 2 will show all Level 1’s which are parents

Picking a value of STN for Level 4 will populate all the above level fields, and the equipment lookup will only show AST1.

  • Stationing (Major)/Stationing (Minor) - These are numeric fields which can be used to specify details of the defect

  • Detailed Location - Another text field for more information about the notebook.

After entering all the details, saving the record will protect the Private check box only.