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In the context of this document, the following abbreviated terms will be used.

Mobile – HxGN EAM Mobile Disconnected

Flex – Flex Business Rules

HxGN EAM – The EAM browser app

Mobile Flex – A Flex Business Rule created on the HxGN EAM Mobile Disconnected device for use exclusively on HxGN EAM Mobile Disconnected devices

The following is an explanation of terms used:

Flex Business Rules:

The Flex Business Rules functionality allows a system administrator to write both post-insert and post-update triggers without directly modifying the database. These rules can be used for doing things such as populating a field based upon the data entered in another field. It can also be used to show user defined error messages if certain conditions are not met. The Flex Business Rules only "fire" when the user attempts to save a record.

For more information on Flex Business Rules in general, see the Defining Flex business rules section of the EAM system administrator tasks.