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HxGN EAM Mobile Apps Release Notes for 2023

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Map View | Map Configurations

Map View > Map Configuration - Ability to create new map configurations for the device has been added. This can be accomplished using either of these options:

  • Click the Create link to enter all details for the new configuration.

  • Select an existing configuration and click Copy to use defaulted information to create the new configuration more easily.

Note: These new configurations are only kept on the device and are not stored on the EAM server.

Map View > Nonconformity Observations

Map View > Start Nonconformity Inspection > Add Nonconformity Pop-up - While performing a nonconformity inspection for a work order whose header equipment is linear, the user is currently able to use the Equipment lookup in the pop-up to create the nonconformity against an equipment other than the work order equipment i.e., any equipment located along the work order equipment. Because it is likely that the user will want to create the new nonconformity for equipment that is located close to their current location, the Equipment lookup has been modified as follows:

  1. A Distance field has been added to the Equipment grid. This new field will display the distance between the equipment and the location identified for the new nonconformity (i.e., either mobile device GPS location or the long press click point on the map).

  2. Distance will be calculated using equipment records on the Linear References tab for Equipment for the work order equipment. Each record's From Point and To Point will be considered in this calculation.

  3. Records in the Equipment lookup will be sorted ascending based on the calculated Distance so that equipment closest to the user's location will be displayed at the top of the list.