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Assets, Systems, Positions, and Work Orders

The View GIS Map action – This action item has been added to the record view of these screens. If this action is selected and the record has the GIS ID populated, the system will open the Map View screen and highlight the equipment or work order on the map. Basic map operations including panning, zooming, viewing the equipment details, and viewing the device's location are available. Other capabilities, like viewing other work orders, the work order list, and selecting other feature will not be available. The user can click the Done button to close the Map View and return to the calling screen.

If the Assets, Systems, Positions, or Work Orders screen is opened from the Map View, the system will hide the View GIS Map action on the screen as the Map View is already open.

Work Order > Checklist

Set Linear Location link has been added to this tab. The link will display if the work order equipment is linear and the equipment has a GIS ID. The link will be hidden if this condition is not met. If this link is selected, the system will display a map with the checklist equipment highlighted. This map interface can be used to visually define/change the From/To Point of the checklist item. The checklist From/To Point will be considered in the highlighted portion of the equipment when the map is displayed. The From Point will be denoted by a green icon. A green crosshairs icon will also be located at the From Point. The position of the From Point can be changed by moving the green crosshairs to the new From Point location along the equipment. This new location will be captured in the From Point field. The To Point is denoted by the red icon and crosshairs. Changing the To Point can be performed similarly to changing the From Point as described above.