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When the system has completed the condition score calculation process, results will be made available on the Equipment Condition tab of the Investment Planning screen. This tab, for each equipment, and for each planning period, shows the following important data in the grid:

  • The planning period, period start date and end date.

  • The starting condition score, index, and rating of the equipment at the beginning of the period.

  • The ending condition score, index, and rating of the equipment at the end of the period.

  • Condition Correction Score and Condition Score Improvement. The latter field is derived from the selected investment option in that planning period. With this value and the usual decay in the period, the system determines the correction score. This correction score is then used for the condition score calculation in the following periods, just like it does when it performs the actual calculations on the Rankings tab of the equipment screens.

  • A final checkbox to indicate this is the result of the last planning period.

  • The Planning Run ID is visible as well as a checkbox called Based on Last Run. These fields were deemed required because the planning process and condition score calculation process are independent of each other, and it is possible to restart the planning process after the condition scores are calculated based on a different planning result. Based on Last Run would then be unselected.

  • If the calculation for equipment runs into an issue this will be reported as well in the Error Message field.

The system also shows several equipment related fields on this tab for convenience and searching.

Alternatively, results can be viewed on the Condition Rating tab of the Investment Planning screen. This tab shows a histogram that compares the average condition rating at the beginning of the first planning period with that at the end of the last period or any period in between. The chart has the following selection criteria:

  • Class

  • Category

  • Number of Bins – Allowed values are 2, 4, 5, 10, and 20

  • Planning Period – If blank the system will select the latest planning period automatically. But if you have 20 planning periods and you want to see how it looks after 12 periods just enter 12 here.