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As mentioned earlier in the setup, the Investment Planning Condition Score Calculation Process job (INVPLECS) must be active (running) before any investment plan can be processed in asynchronous mode. Activation can be done on the Job Setup screen. Once active, this job will submit a processing request for all investment plans where:

  • Condition Calculation Status is Requested.

Requests are processed in sequence so depending on the number of requests in the queue it may take some time for processing to start. Once started, the system will update the Condition Calculation Status and set it to Executing.

The process will then:

  • Delete any previously created records on the Equipment Condition tab.

  • Select all equipment attached to the investment plan that has a valid Equipment Ranking associated with type condition index and with a condition protocol that is not equal to condition inspection.

  • And for each equipment calculate:

    • The starting condition score, index, and rating at the start of the first planning period.

    • The ending condition score, index, and rating at the end of the first planning period using the normal yearly decay for the equipment and correcting this with the condition score improvement based on any selected investment options applied in that planning period. Note that if multiple investment options are applied in the same period only the option that improves the score the most is used for the correction.

    • The starting condition score, index, and rating of the next period are set based on the ending values of the previous period.

    • System then runs through all planning periods for each piece of equipment and calculates values for those periods in a similar fashion.

The process performs the regular calculation and includes calculation of the correction score and the condition rating, but no current equipment data will be updated, and the system will not write history records. The one exception necessary for proper calculation is that the equipment ranking survey will be updated based on any found checklist results and/or query results if required. This exception is harmless because the same would happen for the actual score calculation.