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When a kit is returned, it can be returned to stock (intact) using the bin-to-bin transfer function or the kit mat be broken down into its component parts. The Breakup Kit screen provides the ability to receive a kit from a work order, asset, employee, etc., inspect the component parts, return the component parts to stock or repair, and account for usage (consumption).

Like the layout of the Build Kit screen, the Breakup Kit screen contains a header to identify the specific Kit Part and Kit Lot to be broken up and the part lines listing the component parts of the kit.

Once the kit and lot have been identified in the header, the user clicks the Retrieve Parts link to list the component parts. The parts may then be returned to the store, moved to a repair bin or marked as used (consumed). The user can use the Print Kit Restock List link to print a restock list to aid in placing parts into stock.