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The session-controlled Build Kit screen uses the Kit Template of the Part screen (created in the Setup section) as a roadmap to build a kit from stock of parts and assets within a store. The Options tab of the Organization for the user may be used to set default values for the Kit Description (KITLDESC) and the Pulled check box (KITPPULD).

The screen is structured with a header and with part lines in editable grid format that are constructed based in information entered in the header.

In the header, the user enters the kit-specific information to identify the kit to be built, the location, number of kits, expiration date, etc.

Once the specifications of the kit have been entered in the header, the user clicks Retrieve Parts link to populate the part lines section. The part lines will be displayed allowing the user to select the Part Bin, Part Lot, and Asset ID using the F9 lookup feature.

Once the part lines have been completed, the user clicks the Build Kit button to build the new kit.

  • If a Kit Lot Expiration Date is set in the header, the expiration date of all parts must be greater than or equal to that date.

  • If any of the required parts is designated Track by Asset, then the Number of Kits to build will be set to one and the F9 key opens a lookup to select the Asset ID.

  • If a retrieved part is Track by Asset and the Qty. Required is greater than one, there will be one line created for each of these parts so that a specific Asset ID may be selected for each.

  • The user can use the Print Build Kit List link to print a pick list to aid in pulling parts from stock.

  • The Copy Part Line link creates a new blank line and copies the part, Part Description, Part Org., and UOM to the new line.

  • The user should establish a local procedure for labeling the newly created (physical) kits with the unique Lot Number. This label will be of value when issuing and returning kits.