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When the user clicks the Logs link on the top right corner, system opens the Log File popup:

This window contains a log of all the web services transactions since the previous ‘Delete Log Files’ action was performed.

If the user clicks Delete Log Files, the system clears the contents of the log file without a confirmation message and closes the popup.

User can enter text in the Search option and the system will highlight entered text in the log file, if any matches are found. System will highlight text in green only after 4 characters are entered and match is found. It will turn grey when no matches are found.

If the user clicks Find Next, the system continues to the next match, if any. When the last occurrence has been highlighted and Find Next is clicked again, the matching process restarts at the top of the log file.

If user clicks Info, it opens a popup to show the XPath information of the highlighted web service.

The log files dropdown shows all the log files since the previous Delete Log action was performed.