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After all the settings have been performed, user must go to the EAM Import Utility main page. The Settings performed in the above section are populated in the EAM Import Utility Settings section of the application. The excel files to be imported (in the Input Folder) show up in the Files to Process section. Files can also be dragged and dropped into the files to process section if Enable Drop is enabled.

When the user clicks Start, the system does the following:

  1. System changes the Start/Stop button to Stop.

  2. System connects to the web service and uploads the data to the appropriate table

  3. While the system is uploading the data, the Files To Process section displays the number of the Excel files remaining to be uploaded (including the one in progress) and the specific MSExcel file names. The sending bar progresses as the upload happens under ‘Active Transactions’.

  4. The Processing, Updated Records and Errors (if any) fields are updated as each record is uploaded.

  5. The Result of the Current Operation and Errors Of This Upload list box columns are updated as records have finished uploading.

  6. After the upload is finished, the Start/Stop button changes to "Start" in preparation for the next import.