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After following the installation process, open the HxGN EAM Import Utility Application. If the settings have not been performed and the application is started up, it opens the EAM Import Utility Setup with the Parameters tab open.

  • The Connection parameters section is used to enter the build information to which data is imported to. Once the address and login information has been provided, the user can click on the test button to make sure the import utility is connected to the EAM database.

  • The Utility Parameters section is used to specify the following:

    • Input Folder (where the files to be uploaded are to be present)

    • Failed Folder (where failed folders are stored by the system)

    • Passed Folder (where passed folders are stored by the system)

      The default location for the above folders will be in the system administrator’s document folder when installing Import Utility application. Other users might have to have permissions to access these folders.

  • Enable Update If Record Already Exists - This check box is to overwrite records with identical values.

  • Stop After Upload Finished - If this check box is unselected, then the EAM Loader remains active, and adding a new file to the ‘Files to Process’ section of the utility, will automatically initiate the upload process without the user clicking the Start button. User has to manually press the Stop button to stop the process. If this check box is checked, the system automatically stops the upload process after the final upload passed or fails.

  • Enable Drop - This check box is to allow drag-and-drop action to add files to the Files to Process folder.