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The Import Utility Template where the data is populated can be downloaded from any screen with the right-click option to select Create Import Utility Template from the context menu.

This right click option can be disabled by unselecting the Allow Creating Import Utility Template field on the users screen. This right click option will not look at INSERT/UPDATE or DELETE permissions for the screen. Not all screens have this right click option including list only grids, generate screens, screens dealing with reports, transactional type screens etc.

After the user clicks this option, the system downloads an excel sheet (.xlsx format) to the user’s default download folder. On the backend, the system does the following:

  • Create a Web Service prompt record called ‘UU’+ <LAST FOUR OF THE SCREEN NAME> or ‘UU’ + <USER FUNCTION IF USER FUNCTION LENGTH LESS THAN 5> so SSLOTS (lots screen from where the template was downloaded) becomes UULOTS.

  • The system adds all the fields corresponding to the screen on the fields for web services tab.

  • System does not create another web service prompt record if the user downloads another template from the same screen. But the system does add another record to the web services tab of web service prompt if the template is downloaded from another tab of the same screen

For the above example, the template was downloaded first from the record view of the parts screen and then the stores tab of the parts screen.

This tab also offers the flexibility for the user to modify an existing web service prompt from the fields tab for the corresponding web service, and download it. New web service records can also be created and downloaded this way.