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In the maintaining and repair of equipment, the ability to receive parts directly to a work order instead of to a stock bin has its advantages. These parts are considered held items parts. This method eliminates some middle steps of processing the receiving of a part which in-turn improves productivity. Additionally, the concept of issuing and managing packages, with associated held items parts, for a specified work order or job provides a higher level of performance and efficiency.

HxGN EAM Held Items feature has the capability of processing held items in a variety of ways including the receiving of held items directly to a work order or a held item bin, and, also, the issuing/returning of held item parts as a package. Support is provided so held items parts can be transferred from a held item bin to another held item bin (Held Items Transfer), held item bin to stock bin (Held Items to Stock Transfer) or stock bin to held items bin (Stock to Held Items Transfer).