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Configuration Data is supplied in the form of Excel documents. Great care is taken in compiling the data in these spreadsheets. The data supports a variety of workflow processes and configurations in HxGN EAM Facilities Edition. As such, we strongly recommend uploading the data without any alterations. However, if changes need to be made, do so before you upload and be aware of the impact of these changes on the workflow aspects and the pre-configured flexible business rules.

The following data is provided:

System Codes – Work order status codes, work order priorities and work order types. Additionally, it loads fuel types (support for greenhouse gas calculations), vehicle types, call center status and call center contact source codes. All updated System Codes will be included though Excel documents.


Queries – Queries are loaded to support inbox items, KPIs and charts for the Start Center.

Inbox Items – Loads the pre-configured inbox items for the Start Center.

Key Performance Indicators – Loads the pre-configured KPIs for the Start Center.

Charts – Loads the pre-configured charts for the Start Center.

Fuels – Fuels to calculate greenhouse gas emissions based on entered utility bills.

Commodities – Commodities for utility bills. These will appear on the Utilities screen.

Commodity Fuels – Fuels for the relevant commodities and their respective CO2 emissions to calculate greenhouse gas emissions. Fuels tab of the Utilities screen.

Greenhouse Gases – List of greenhouse gases and their CO2 equivalence (CO2e) ratio.