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The following equipment screens have been configured for the HxGN EAM Facilities Edition. All these are clones based on the standard equipment screens.

  • Campuses – Use the Campus screen to define a campus that represent a group of related buildings.

  • Buildings – Within a Campus you can define buildings. When you define the building ensure that you also identify the parent Campus on the Structure tab.

  • Floors – Within a building define the floors.

  • Rooms – Within a floor define the rooms.

  • Boilers

  • Chillers

  • Cooling Towers

  • Pumps

  • Air Handling Equipment

  • Packaged Units

  • Exterior Lighting

  • Computers

  • Vehicles

  • Fire extinguishers

Note that the standard Assets, Positions and Systems screens will filter out, using Security Filters, all equipment for which specific screen configurations have been created. For example, boilers will not appear on these screens but only on the Boilers screen.

Facility coding structure:

  • Organization: USGSP

  • Campus: USGSP-C01

  • Building: USGSP-C01-B01

  • Floor: USGSP-C01-B01-F01

  • Room: USGSP-C01-B01-F01-R101

Coding structure for fixed equipment (equipment that does not move) will follow the same pattern as that used for Buildings, Floors and Rooms. For example:

  • Chiller: USGSP-C01-B01-F01-CHILLER01

  • Boiler: USGSP-C01-B01-F01-BOILER01

Coding structure for assets that do move should not follow this pattern, however. Coding structure for these assets should be unique across organizations. These assets should also be created in the Organization.