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HxGN EAM Version

HxGN EAM Facilities Edition is deployed in the Hexagon Cloud, an agile, secure, and highly flexible hosting platform that is currently serving 1,300 customers and 4 million subscribers globally. With deployment in the Hexagon Cloud, you can:

Manage your costs

Streamline how you run one location or manage multiple facilities with full visibility into the performance of your assets, the status of your work orders and budgets, the scheduling of your workforce, and the management of your energy needs.

Monitor and maintain performance

The solution provides real-time data that is accessible anytime, anywhere. It is also easy to launch and expand to new locations, and you can allow controlled access to connect your facilities personnel and tenants to the services and information they need.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Because data is no longer stored on-site, you can say goodbye to expensive servers and hardware, and redirect support personnel to more strategic activities.

Improve operational efficiency

With one unified system, users will be able to learn the system more quickly and collaborate more effectively across the organization. And because everyone will have access to the same centralized information, you can make better decisions, faster. Cloudsuite