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Organizations like yours are under increasing pressure to deliver results while cutting your facilities management costs. Cloud enablement is no longer an "if." It is now viewed as a given when it comes to planning.

Consider these facts:

The facilities management industry is expected to be worth $43.69 billion by 2019, with infrastructure development and IT advancements driving this growth.1

The next generation of facilities management workers will place a higher value on technology tools that allow for social collaboration, analysis of Big Data patterns, and energy sustainability.2

The cloud supports sustainability initiatives. By eliminating the need to power and cool server rooms, you can save on HVAC and electricity costs.3

The cloud software model will account for $1 of every $6 spent on software by 2016.4

Delivering support and maintenance as you control costs and meet the expectations of your various stakeholders creates a complex environment with significant challenges. The cloud can provide you with the visibility to manage your facility and assets as you continue to deliver quality services to your tenants and customers.

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