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HxGN EAM Equipment Depreciation

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Feature Briefs
HxGN EAM Version

The Depreciation tab of the Asset screen has been enhanced with additional fields and functionality.

These fields include the following:

  1. Depreciation Type
    An information attribute to denote the employed accounting standard

  2. From Date
    Starting date of a depreciation event

  3. Depreciation Category
    Classification for a depreciation event

  4. Relative Start
    Utilized with Equipment Configuration

  5. Relative Start UOM
    Utilized with Equipment Configuration

  6. Effective From

  7. Effective From UOM

  8. Notes

  9. Change Value
    Utilized with depreciation categories Increase Value and Decrease Value

  10. Change Life
    Utilized with depreciation categories Increase Life and Decrease Life

  11. Change Est. Lifetime Output
    Utilized with depreciation categories Increase Est. Lifetime Output and Decrease Est. Lifetime Output

The Depreciation tab also includes User Defined Fields.