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On the Preview tab of the Equipment Generation screen, you can see all equipment that will be generated by the generation process. All fields on this tab are protected. The Preview tab has the following important attributes:

  1. Equipment—Equipment code that will be assigned by the generation process. This is a preview and there is no guarantee that this number will still be available when you start the generation process. Other users may pick up these numbers before you have, especially if you wait longer between generating the preview and generating the equipment. The system will reassign numbers if necessary.

  2. Level—See the description on the Details tab above.

  3. Count—Count will indicate the sequence number of the equipment in the generation process. For example, if you want to create three buses, you will enter 3 for Generate Count on the session header. Count will hold values 1, 2, and 3 in this case. Since the generation process handles one parent and all its children as one complete set, you will find Count 1 on the parent equipment, but also on all the children of that parent. The generation process will first do all equipment with Count 1 (set 1), then with Count 2 (set 2), etc.
    This field is not influenced by the Quantity entered on the Details tab. If you requested more than one child to be generated on a certain level, that child will still get the same count. Instead, the quantity you requested will represent itself here by showing more lines for the same child configuration.

  4. Error—Set by the system when errors prevent the generation process from starting or continuing.

  5. Warning—Set by the system when warnings exist that will influence the generation process. There is an organization option "GENEQWRN" that controls how the system handles warnings:

    • If "NO," equipment cannot be generated when warnings exist.

    • If "YES," equipment can be generated even when warnings exist, but the system will ask for confirmation.

  6. Error Message—This will explain the actual error and or warning found by the system. If multiple issues were found, they will all be displayed in this field.

  7. Equipment Created—If unselected, the equipment has not been created. Otherwise, the system, position, or asset will be available to you. Remember the system generates the complete structure set by set, which means if the parent bus with Count 1 has been created; all other equipment with Count 1 (children, grandchildren, etc. of the bus) has been created as well. This flag means that the first step of the generation process is complete, and the system has created:

    1. Equipment records

    2. Equipment structure

    3. And for each equipment it has attached:


      2. Documents

      3. Parts associated

      4. Safety records

      5. Permits

      6. Calibration data

      7. Test Points

  8. Transactional Data Created—If unselected, the equipment transactional data has not been created. Otherwise, the equipment generation is fully completed. This flag means that the second and last step of the generation process is complete, and the system has:

    1. Attached to the created equipment:

      1. Meters

      2. Warranties

      3. PM Schedules

        Note the special considerations if PM revision control is active based on the settings for Organization Option "GENEQPMR":

      • No records will be created if the option is NO.

      • Records will be created if the option is YES.

      • Records will be created if the option is WARNING, but this is also subject to the setting of organization option "GENEQWRN" (see above).

      1. Maintenance Patterns

      2. Depreciation data

    2. Created a commissioning work order for the parent equipment, if requested, on the session header.

  9. Buttons:

    1. Create/Refresh Preview—Same as on the Equipment Generation screen. You can create or refresh the preview data from here.

    2. Generate Equipment—When you click this button, the system will first automatically create or refresh the data on the preview tab. The system does this to ensure that there are no errors introduced since you created your earlier preview or simply to handle the scenario where you have not created a preview.

      You can create a new session with minimal data by entering the description, configuration, and Generate Count, then clicking Generate Equipment on the Preview tab.

      Since you are creating equipment and work orders, the system will perform the following checks and prevent you from generating if any of them fail:

      • Department Security—If Department Security is activated, all departments for all equipment (all levels) and the work orders must be on your list.

      • You must have Status Authorization to create the equipment and the work order.

      • If Job Type Authorization is activated, you must have the appropriate Job Type Authorization to create the work order.

      • The system will also stop if an exchange rate is required and cannot be found, if e-signatures are required, or if errors and warnings exist. The latter will depend on the setting of the relevant organization option.