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The fastest way to create equipment in HxGN EAM for the longest time has been the Upload Utility or background database scripts feature. With the introduction of equipment configuration, there is a new quick, accurate, and user-friendly option available. Equipment configuration consists of two major functions:

  • Equipment Configurations

  • Equipment Generation

During the configuration phase, you can define what the new equipment will look like. This includes the definition of the actual equipment itself, the asset, position, or system, but also the definition of any part associated, meters, applicable warranties, child equipment, PM schedules or maintenance patterns, calibration and test point data, safety and permit related data and depreciation. Child equipment records are also equipment configurations that may have their own children. This then supports a configuration of infinite depth, just like HxGN EAM does in the equipment structure itself.

After you have completed the configuration, it is time to generate. All you need to specify is the equipment configuration and how many of those you would like, and the system will generate that many records on the Assets, Positions, and Systems screens. It will also create the equipment structure and commissioning work orders for the top-level equipment, associate the parts, meters, warranties, PM schedules, maintenance patterns, calibration data, test points, safety data, and permits, and will calculate depreciation data.