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This is the final step in the setup process. Once the repositories have been setup, the fields to be displayed in the search query, the order and other criteria is setup from this tab. Once the user selects the repository, the corresponding table name is populated along with all the fields in that table.

The editable fields on this tab are Display Order, Alias and Facet.

The Display Order determined the order in which the field will be displayed in the search result. By default, the Code and Description will have 1 and 2 and will appear on the top of the search. This can be changed if needed. Fields which need not be included in the search can be deleted from the list.




This is to give another name to the field, in case the field name is not coherent to the user.


This is not a validated lookup, so the user can enter a new value every time. This field is to group the field names. Below example shows field names ordered by display order and with aliases, which display on the enterprise search result popup window.